Skewered foods are nice, offering a party look and the ability to have food go further, such as having smaller slices of pork tenderloin or chicken marinated and skewered as one option rather than serving full slices, which would be costly.

Smaller servings of food are good to offer more choices, and variety will make the food seem more plentiful and make as much food yourself as possible, rather than purchasing it to save money.

Check out a few of these appetizer ideas that Gluten Free, Vegetarian and Vegan!

Finger Food Ideas on a Budget: Gluten Free, Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes

Budget dessert finger foods are also an option!

An easy dessert idea for a party is an ice cream bar. It can include different toppings such as syrups, candies, fruits, and for adults, some liqueurs.

Serve smaller amounts of cheesecake, cookies, etc., to be able to offer more variety. Another option is a fresh fruit salad! They look amazing and offer a simple but refreshing dessert like this Fresh Fruit Platter from Veggie Desserts! (My mouth is watering right now!!)

Enjoy some of these dessert ideas below!

Finger Foods on a Budget: Desserts

List list of Finger Foods on a Budget, Desserts edition is packed with delicious and fun ideas to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth AND your wallet!

Budget Party Drinks for a Crowd

Serving alcoholic beverages can be a very expensive part of the party. I highly suggest that you ask your guests to bring their own alcohol, but if you really want to provide them yourself, here are some ways to ease the cost:

Instead of serving straight wine, add a carbonated water or beverage and a fresh fruit slice to make a wine spritzer – a lighter drinking option as well as lighter on the budget.

Punch either made with a wine or liquor base – go through websites and find different options and try to find recipes with ingredients already on hand

Have one main drink so those ingredients can be purchased in volume and, therefore, a bit cheaper, and a few alternatives – depending on crowd favorites, vodka is very versatile, with pop, orange juice, cranberry juice, tomato juice, and Clamato juice for mixes.

Don’t buy coolers but make them with a carbonated soda and liquor base, such as vodka and lemonade or a flavored brandy and lemon-lime pop.

Have carbonated and noncarbonated beverages to offer as well as water. Check out this recipe for Healthy Homemade Soda that’s way healthier than store bought from Dogwoods and Dandelions!

Planning the party as much as possible will make it easier to look for sales, comparison shop, and borrow needed items. Planning the food and drink options will allow time to look for the best prices and different ways to offer variety. These tips should help to plan, make, and serve the party food ideas on a budget.













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